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Zhongshan Nussun Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhongshan Nussun Mechanical&Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd  is a professional manufacture for kinds of ventilation appliances and equipments. Localed in the largest manufacturing base--Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong ,China. All the products are committed to the exchange of poor air indoor and new fresh air. We are a integrated manufacture,based on design, development, producing and marketing. Our products can be found in all kinds of building which people living. The greatest compliment we receive has been our effort to balance the stylish living and global environment; to improve the collaborative development between enterprise and society. Demands varies with different customers, we solved the issue with competitive prices, good services and a large product range to independent distributers and users worldwide, covering: Duct Fans,Acoustic Box Fans, Energy Recovery Ventilator and accessories etc.

With years of experience in domestic and overseas market,we render fast adaptation to demands.Keep renewing ideas and ensure customer’s each choice is reliable from Nussun. We have successfully obtained CCC and CE certificates. Our laboratory with kinds of advanced equipments which for testing and analyzing.Such as electrical safety, airflow and noise testing, packaging reliability, product life testing, environment resistance testing and performance and reliability testing of motor, to make sure all our products quality meet the international standard. 
We believe with our best service and high quality, Nussun will be the top manufacture in global ventilator field and human residence improvement.Ventilations systems for optimum greenhouse growing environment.